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The "portrait" photograph of Gary was taken by Peter Christopherson of the London-based graphic arts company, Hipgnosis. In the 1970's Hipgnosis produced many of the most famous album covers for the most famous recording artists of the era. Gary Shearston was among them...

Dingo - Front Cover
Hipgnosis wrote about this photograph:

"One can make a portrait picture interesting by lighting alone... The picture of Gary Shearston is one our better examples of the traditional tungsten technique. In this case the light sources are spotlights very like the ones used in theatres and on movie sets. Each of the lights can be focused down to a very small area or flooded out wide to cover a larger one. The final picture is made up of three or four different lights shining directly, or reflecting indirectly, onto different areas of the subject at various levels of intensity. Specific areas of the face can be highlighted whilst others can be cast into shadow or lit only dimly. Tungsten lighting is actually a craft all of its own and whilst it often tends to give a somewhat dated feeling it is extremely controllable. It is by no means always flattering but it certainly can be very moody".

Dingo - Rear Cover detail
Detail from the back cover of Dingo

The photographs (both front and back covers of the album) convey a great sense of interest and detail (thanks to the tungsten lighting!), enhanced, rather than diminished, by them being in black and white.

The book about Hipgnosis (details below) also contains this photo of Gary taken for the Dingo project but not used on the album cover:

Additional photo

From An ABC Of The Work of Hipgnosis: 'Walk Away Rene' (Storm Thorgerson), Paper Tiger (UK)/A&W Visual Library (USA), 1978.

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